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Expression of a continuous energy flow existing without any reason, splitting personality and collaboration with objects. This metaphysical and spiritual work is also a philosophical questioning about lithographic technique.

Olivier Van Uffel began his academic career with analogue photography at Stuk in Leuven, at Rhok Academy of Visual & Audiovisual Arts in Etterbeek and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wavre.

In 2016, he joined the Graphic art section of the Rhok Academy of Visual & Audiovisual Arts, where he practiced screen printing, monotype and offsets, but above all where he found his means of expression: lithography.

He receives his master's degree in 2022.

Still at the Rhok, he continues his career today in the 'project' workshop, where he conducts research around large format lithography.

Founding member of the ‘Atelier LATÉRAL’ collective, in 2019 he participated in the creation of a shared engraving workshop in Vilvoorde.

In 2023 he launched his own lithographic workshop A52.8 at Asiat Park Vilvoorde.

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